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RetroGamer Console

RetroGamer Console

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Instead of scrolling on phone, playing 90s retro games with your friends and children sounds more fun and satisfying. 

Guess the RetroGames below which are in our RetroGamer:


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Wireless and Autopairing - Smooth and Simple to play with just like old times :)

2 Players Allowed

What is in the box?


Compatible with TVs and External Screens with AV(Audio-Visual) Ports (Red & Yellow ones)

AV Wire

Audio-Video Wire compatible with TVs and Screens with AV ports (Red and Yellow Ones)

2 Nintendo Styled Remotes

90s Games became more exciting with WIRELESS remotes.

Enjoy with your friends & children.

SD Card Installed with 300+ RetroGames

It may show 600 games in the menu but the games start repeating after 310.

How many RetroGames can you recall?

  • Islander
  • Mario bros
  • Batman
  • Chip n Dale
  • Double dragon
  • TMNT
  • Spartan
  • Super mario world
  • Contra
  • F1 race
  • Excite bike
  • Road fighter
  • Bomber man
  • Ice climber

USB Cord

It is for power supply for the RetroStick

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Step 1

USB Wire

The USB wire needs to be attached to an USB port (energy source) either in the TV itself or elsewhere & the other end into the RetroGamer Stick.

step 2

AV Wire + TV

Connect the AV wires to TV's AV port (yellow and red ports) and the other end of the AV wire to the retrostick

Step 3

The RetroRemotes

Insert 2 x AAA Battery in the remotes & they will auto-pair with the RetroStick Pro. Start exploring and enjoying the retrogames on our RetroGamer Pro.

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Step 4

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